As we all know metal fabrication is a process of creating machines and structures from various raw metal materials. Metal fabricators follow the process of cutting, bending, heating, welding, and assembling metals to get to a desired product. Be it any industry, metal fabricated products are no more a want, it has become a necessity. Metal fabrication is widely used across various industrial sectors such as manufacturing, Hardware, building and construction and many everyday items you could have never imagined. So let’s dive deep into the various applications of metal fabrication.

  • Building and construction industry:
    Most of the builders today prefer using steel and fabricated steel products during their construction phase. From a warehouse project to a bridge construction project, metal fabrication is a close buddy which you cannot ignore. Steel beams, girders, ladders, handrails and platforms are all products of metal fabrication. Mega structures need a strong base and hence metal is a proven safe and sturdy material to create a basic structure. At present it is impossible to run a construction business without metal fabrication. Architects and engineers today considered metal fabrication from the design stage of a project. Be it a commercial structure or a residential structure, the use of metal fabrication is unavoidable.

  • Manufacturing industry:
    The most important asset of any manufacturing business is it’s raw material and its machinery in order to produce the final product.  Also, some manufacturing businesses need metal fabricated parts which are a part of the big picture i.e. production machine. Metal is a driving force of the shipping industry where not only the body of the ship but the fasteners which hold everything together is made of metal. Metal parts or metal machines are also shipped via these strong ships annually. The architectural and structural metals manufacturing industry cannot run without metal fabrication. Be is structures of small or big buildings, metal fabrication has made it easier to erect buildings from bottom to top in record breaking time. Metal also makes the structure more sturdy and fire resistant. The wiring industry is next where custom metal fabrication processes are used to weld pieces of metal together. This is one of the reasons why factories these days are efficient and capable of utilizing advanced production techniques for smooth running. Lastly, the specialty manufacturing industry takes advantage of metal fabrication process to deliver specialty items. E.g. the automobile repairs and spare parts industry benefits from metal fabrication.

  • Hardware and hand tools industry:
    The transition from a typewriter to a desktop computer to a slim, sleek laptop today is an ideal example of the fruits of metal fabrication in the hardware manufacturing industry. Computer/laptop would have not become as viral as it is currently if the metal fabricators lacked the ability to make its hardware it smaller than previous. Just not aesthetics the motherboard, modems, monitors, computer cases are metal fabricated to keep it strong for ages.The cutlery and hand tool manufacturing industry has a surprising relationship with metal fabrication. All your steel and aluminium vessels at home are a product of metal fabrication. Did you know the knives in your kitchen would not have been this sharp without the metal fabrication process of cutting, casting and shearing? The machine shop manufacturing industry is the last industry in the hand tools manufacturing industry. All the screws, nuts and bolts are a product of metal fabrication.

Other industries: 
The Aerospace industry being the most demanding in terms of safety, metal fabrication processes have made it possible for fast and safe space travel. The farming industry largely relies on metal fabrication for their on field hand tools and tractor.

Other day to day items:
Other day to day products of metal fabrication are door handles, locks and keys, latches, cans, silverware, fans, chairs, cables, sinks, etc.

Metal fabrication is a part of each and every utility item we use and hence is an important component of our lives. We at IronTech specialize in custom metal fabrication for deliverables like aluminium windows (normal and sound proof), Stainless steel and glass railings, Wrought iron gates and fences.