What is a railing in metal fabrication?

A railing is a fence or barrier made of rails. This rail is made of metal, wood, PVC, etc as per the requirement. In simple words it is a fence made from metal bars. Railing is also known as fences, rails, barriers, paling and balustrade. 

Importance of railings?
Railings is a part of our everyday lives, but we often miss to consider the importance of a railing. What is the first thing we all do on a railing? Yes your right, we lean on it and we take for granted that our railings are sturdy, strong, and correctly sized. Below are the 3S’s which comprise the importance of railings in our lives:

  • Safety: It is fair to give rank 1 to “safety” when it comes to discussing the advantages of investing in railings. Whether it is used as a barrier or a separation or just aesthetically appealing, railing serve as a visual and physical reminder to proceed with care.
  • Separation: As mentioned in the meaning above, rails are also used as barriers and separations. They can be fixed separations or mobile/flexible separations. Fixed could be the ones you would see at a toll stop and flexible ones you would see while you que up towards a movie theatre.
  • Stability: Railings provide stability and help individuals to go up a stair, particularly for elderly people. It also helps visually challenged people or people facing balance with its added feature of path guidance.


Types of railings:

Because railings aren’t just installed for aesthetic appeal, they have to be designed and constructed from durable, reliable materials that are appropriate for the conditions where the railing is located. Focusing on practicality and usability doesn’t mean that a railing’s design and appeal is ignored. There are two primary types of railings: handrails and guardrails, let’s deep dive into each of them.


What is a handrail?
Handrail is a rail fixed to posts or a wall for people to hold on to for support. In technical terms it is a long,narrow bar of wood or metal that people can hold on to, especially when going up or down stairs. A handrail is your hero when you are about the slip or fall on the stairs.

Where are Handrails used?

Stairs: It doesn’t matter whether you are walking up the stairs and simultaneously viewing amazing indoor or outdoor landscape, it is but obvious that you would want to hold on to a handrail, right? They are mainly required for safety and comfort while ascending and descending the stairs.

Balconies : A handrail on a balcony is more to do with safety than with aesthetics. While you move to the balcony you are naturally not looking down, you are enjoying the blissful views of nature i am sure. So this railing at a balcony helps you to physically stop but visually move ahead.

Decks: A deck is a floor of a ship, especially the upper level which is open and is generally extended to the full length of the vessel. A duck in residential terms would mean a roofless platform adjoining to a house. Desks being an open air platform require sturdy railing for safety of the people on it.

Ramps: A ramp is a sloppy pathway which is an adjoining surface between 2 different levels for transit purpose. Because it is not flat,railing are installed so that people can hold on to it while walking up or down for support.


What are Guardrails?
A guardrail is a rail at the edge of something such as a cliff or the deck of a boat that prevents people from falling off. Safety being the primary goal for installing a railing has 2 things to take care of People and Facility.

Where are guardrails used?

Public safety:The pedestrian railings on the footpaths of all the streets is a major guardrail installment project which safeguards people walking on the roads while cars are speeding at the same time. Also major highways and a ghats built to reach most hill stations have a road safety railing which saves cars from falling off cliffs and mountains. Most of the tallest attractions in the world have a pedestrian railing around the attraction which supports visitors while they climb up to the highest level. Not just this, most attractions spots have a guardrailing where you need to be cautious about danger E.g.  A Danger sign board on a guardrailing of a gorilla in a zoo. A guardrail is ideal when it is placed along a rocky creek crossing which supports people during their journey.

Facility safety: You must have understood by now how sturdy and strong a guardrail is suppose to be. Most of the major manufacturing companies install guardrails in their promises to safeguard expensive machinery. Some companies also utilise these railings to safeguard their warehouses. Guardrails are also seen around the circumference of gardens and parks to safeguard the premises.

By now we have concluded that there are 2 distinct types of railing. IronTech  is a Metal Fabrication Manufacturing Company whose speciality is in Manufacturing Railings. The team at IronTech will be happy to assist you in selecting and installing the right type of railing as per your specific requirements which will help you to take advantage of that perfect blend: Purposefulness, Practicality, and Aesthetic appeal.