Are you in the process of deciding what kind of fencing to install around your home? What will be the wearout time? Will it look aesthetically good? Beauty and Utility are the two sides of a coin and a wrought iron fence blends the two features in a very posh way. There is a list of advantages when it comes to using Wrought iron for your fencing and gates, so below are some critical reasons why you should opt for wrought iron fences and gates.

Strong and long lasting:
Wrought iron fence/gate is as strong as Iron Man, because it is resistant to shock, denting, and bending making it an extremely longwearing material. In fact, it is very well known to be called a “100-year fencing” due to its durability function. As an alloy, wrought iron is more rust proof than pure iron but can rust after 10-15 years. All you need to do it do a paint job every 15 years to keep it look as brand new as ever. When you’re looking for a strong and reliable material, wrought iron is the perfect choice.

Key Function-Security:
Due to its key feature being strength, fences/gates of wrought iron over performs at various security functions. The strength that makes wrought iron lasts for a long time makes it perfect for the key function of security. Hence, you will not be amazed to see security fences and gates made of wrought iron. Also, you can apply the same logic to decorative items like railings, outdoor stairs, handrails, fencing around a swimming pool and many many more other applications of Wrought Iron. In the end it will help you keep unwanted visitors and trespassers off your property. You are safe now.

Classic and subdued appearance:
Wrought iron is ductile in nature, means the metal can be shaped into a wide variety of artistic designs. Today, a wrought Iron fence/gate fence is just not a boundary marker but also a compliment to your home decor, whether traditional or modern, formal or casual. Think about this, would you turn your eyes to gaze at the harsh look of a tall wood privacy fence over the classic beauty of a wrought iron? Obviously not, wrought iron fencing is so much more pleasing because of its subdued quality. This means it is an open design which allows the eye of the viewer to pass through it quickly and focus on the beauty of the property. When paired with beautifully designed landscaping, the beauty of a wrought iron fencing/gate is unbeatable.

Having a wrought iron fence/gate installed is an eco-friendly option for various reasons. First, it does not need to be replaced frequently due to its long lasting characteristic. Second, the material can be reused, Have you heard of antique shop owners and agents selling vintage or antique wrought iron fences, gates, railings?. Yes, Old is gold and they are very much in demand now a days. Third, at the end when you have no option but to design a new fence/gate for your home/bungalow you can recycle it and use the same material in a different design or also sell it to a scrap dealer and make some penny out of it.

We know how much brainstorming and neighbourhood feedback you will need for deciding on a type of fencing for your home or a gate for your bungalow. Before you move on to the research we suggest you sit down and carefully jotdown the purposes of your fencing/gate.

Do you require a strong, reliable security fence/gate? Are you looking at a long lasting fence/gate with minimum maintenance? Wrought iron fencing/gate  is ideal for security, privacy, durability, longevity, and overall aesthetics and that is what exactly Irontech offers.